ECSS Compliant Radiation Hardness Assurance Services:

The Radiation Hardness Assurance (RHA) process

Outside of the protection of the magnetosphere, the inhospitable environment of space necessitates thoughtful considerations in order to ensure the survival of spacecraft electronics.

The process starts by analysing the environment to which the spacecraft will be exposed, estimating particle fluxes and fluences for given mission profiles.

We can provide a comprehensive space environment analysis for all relevant energetic particles using ECSS sanctioned models

Given the sensitivity of the various digital components involved, the magnitude of the effects can be estimated and the Mean Time To Failure/Mean Time Between Failures can be calculated to check if the system requirements are met.

If not, various mitigation strategies can be employed or design alterations conceived in order to achieve the desired performance.

We can help you reduce costs by tailoring the ECSS standards to your particular case

If the sensitivity of any digital components to energetic particles needs to be evaluated, ESCC compliant tests have to be planned and carried out. It is possible to also tailor the standards and utilize different testing methodologies using only a Proton beam in order to reduce costs without a significant compromise in risk and uncertainty.

We can assist you along every step of the way, providing tailored advice to your specific needs, equipment and mission profiles.

Embedded development for Aerospace

Furthermore, we can provide contractual development services for anything related to:

Software development for aerospace and embedded applications poses unique challenges. The high reliability requirements coupled with the performance constraints imposed by power requirements or the desire to capitalize from existing flight heritage necessitate a particular way of designing and developing software.

We can develop MISRA compliant safety critical software for your application, as well as simulation frameworks for instrumentation.

Please feel free to reach out with any interesting proposition. Projects are evaluated on a case by case basis, independent of their respective field.

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